A Neighborhood Oriented Project at 3rd & Fairfax

The Town & Country project will re-envision an outdated shopping center into a thoughtfully-planned and neighborhood-oriented property. Robust community feedback on initial project concepts resulted in a new design that will be both functional – featuring a blend of housing, retail, and open space – and representative of the iconic neighborhood surrounding it.

Gathering Spaces

Neighborhood-Focused Shopping and Restaurants

300+ New Housing Opportunities

A Community Driven Process

Robust community feedback on initial project concepts resulted in a new design that will better serve the neighborhood and complement surrounding developments on the 3rd Street corridor.

  • Mid-Rise Building
  • New Landscaping and Communal Seating
  • Bike-Friendly Enhancements
  • Improved Sidewalks
  • Sustainable Design

Existing Property Conditions

  • Outdated
  • Minimal Open Space
  • Poor Parking Configuration
  • Out of Character with Surrounding Neighborhood

The Vision

  • Elegant Mid-Rise Building
  • Community Serving Retail
  • Public Gathering Spaces
  • Approximately 350 New Housing Opportunities
  • Enhanced Parking Configuration
  • More Greenery and Landscaping

Community Collaboration

We are committed to delivering a community-serving project based on transparent decision-making and input from neighbors and stakeholders. For this reason, community collaboration will continue to be a key priority for the project team and neighbors will have ample opportunities to weigh in on many aspects of the project as we move forward.

During Planning Process

  • Public Hearings and Workshops
  • Formal Public Comment Periods
  • Response to Comments
  • Regular Project Updates
  • Council District 4 Working Group

During Construction

  • Real-Time Construction Updates
  • Project Hotline
  • Dedicated Point of Contact for Questions and Concerns
  • Regular Project Updates

Stakeholders can expect to participate in public hearings, community meetings and workshops, formal comment periods, and receive written responses to comments and regular project updates. Check back here for meeting dates and locations.

We Are Listening

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