Project Details

Community Serving Retail

Retail options will be hand-selected to meet the neighborhood’s day-to-day needs while improving the shopping experience with expanded walkways, patio dining, open space and greenery, and an upgraded parking lot that will include new trees for shading.

Refreshing New Outdoor Space

The redesigned property will create new open-air spaces with landscaping and communal seating (benches, seats, tables). Much-needed green space will be thoughtfully designed to include new trees, plants and drought-tolerant features that will help moderate the temperature and improve the customer’s experience.

Improved Pedestrian and Bike Experience

Widened, interconnected internal bike and walking paths will be designed to improve flow and create a better pedestrian experience. The project will include a pedestrian-friendly mid-block crossing to connect Ogden to the existing retail shopping center. The bike-friendly design will provide approximately 300 new bike stalls. With the Metro’s expanding Purple Line located about a half-mile away, local car-free connectivity to the greater Los Angeles area will be enhanced, helping to support the City’s balanced mobility goals.